Not many people know that the trade of locksmithing has its roots buried as deep as Ancient Egypt 4000 years ago. From the first wooden locking devices to the appropriation of metal to the many modern practices and tools that are used today, the profession has undergone thousands of changes and impressive improvements.


However, the techniques and the tools make up a very small part of locksmithing. The most significant place in the hierarchy is occupied by the locksmith himself. He is the one who has to master the art and know how to apply it in every individual case. He is the one who gives life to the various tools and is able to put them to proper use. That is why here at Yourway Locksmith we always make sure to pay extra attention to our dedicated employees. Our business and the safety of your Weybridge home depends exclusively on their expertise.

In order to help you get to know your local locksmith, we have asked one of our trusted workers, Stephen Gilbert, to recount the details of his typical workday at our company. Read on and discover what a day in the life of a Weybridge locksmith really looks like!


7.00 AM. Stephen‘s alarm clock rings and he jumps out of the bed to get ready. He already has a job lined up – it has been booked in advance a few days prior.

7.30 AM. Stephen is out of the door and is heading to the parking lot next to our central office to retrieve his specially-designed locksmithing van.

7.50 AM. Having chatted briefly with the dispatcher about upcoming assignments of the day, Stephen gets in the van and drives to his first appointment. It is an office block in the central part of the town, that our regular clients have recently moved into. The locks of the new office have to be changed and the job has been entrusted to Stephen.

8.10 AM. Stephen gets to work after going over the details of the appointment with the manager.

9.30 AM. Having installed the locks and invoiced the manager, Stephen heads back to our office.

9.50 AM. As soon as he gets back, there is a new job waiting for him. It is another regular client who has recently moved to London and wants to continue on using the locksmithing services that we offer. The client is refurbishing a property in the north part of the city and wants to have internal locks installed in all of the rooms.

10.50 AM. Stephen has reached the North London property and immediately gets to work.

12.10 PM. The work is finished and the client is invoiced. Stephen heads back to Weybridge.

1.00 PM. Stephen has time to grab a quick lunch and have a rest after the drive.

1.30 PM. Another call comes in. An elderly lady has locked herself out of her flat on Queens Road. Stephen sets out to help her.

1.45 PM. Stephen reaches the block of flats where the lady is waiting for him. There is some confusion, as she has no identification on her and Stephen has to get her to sign some documents in order to make sure that the flat is indeed hers.

2.30 PM. Stephen has pried the door open using a snap gun. After receiving the invoice, the lady is back in her flat. Another satisfied customer!

3.00 PM. A new appointment is ready for Stephen as soon as he gets back to the office, so he sets out for the job immediately. A property on Oatlands Drive appears to have been burgled and the owners need urgent rekeying.

3.50 PM. The job is done, the clients are invoiced and Stephen heads back to our office.

4.10 PM. His shift is now over. Another locksmith, John, has already arrived to take over the workload, so Stephen can relax and go back home to spend the rest of the evening with his family.

Stephen finds his profession to be particularly exciting, as every day brings new and unexpected challenges. This is a sentiment that is shared by all of our professional locksmiths. At Yourway Locksmith, we believe that a happy employee equals a satisfied client – Stephen, as well as his many customers, can confidently attest to the fact that this approach indeed works wonders.